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Mistaken Identities – Reith Lectures

The 2016 BBC Reith Lectures by Prof. Kwame Anthony Appiah are a gold mine for anyone wanting to develop their religious literacy or find raw material for discussion on SMSC.  The first three are on ‘creed’, ‘colour’ and ‘country’, exploring religion, ethnicity and nationhood.

From a sociology of religion perspective there is much to debate, as you’ll hear from the discussion following the lecture in each of the podcasts.  But there are some important insights.  The first lecture in the series (‘Creed’) explores how religious traditions and movements are as much about ‘practices’ (i.e., how they actually live) as ‘beliefs’ (statements of faith).  That’s an important insight into understanding how things work in the religious sphere, and indeed for any body of belief or practice.

For more see the BBC Reith Lectures website.

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