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Plumbing the Depths – New Reflective Resource for Chaplains from WMCFEC

Plumbing the Depths is WMCFEC’s new resource for chaplains and others working in Further Education to aid reflection on their work, calling and ministry.  Based on the biblical story of Jonah, it’s available for a suggested donation of £9.

Plumbing the Depths has been written by former WMCFEC members Sarah Brush and Toni Coulton, with additional material by Chris Polhill and 24 original illustrations by Si Smith.  The resource contains everything you need to run a day gathering for large or small group or a series of reflective sessions for 1 to 1 use, including handouts, images, audio-visual presentation and how-to-use guides.

You can order Plumbing the Depths by emailing us, or from the St Peter’s Saltley Trust website.

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Want to help us develop reflective resources for those working in further education?

This autumn, WMCFEC seeks to gather together a group of those involved in further education from the region (chaplains and college staff) who would be interested in helping to develop resources for reflection on their work in FE, based on the Book of Jonah. If you’re interested, get in touch (and dare I say, we’ll have a whale of a time…)